Welcome to the new Dear Brook Blog everyone! It’s nice to—virtually—
meet you!

This blog is about you, yes you. You’re a student, a Junior in Advertising,
a Senior even, HR, account, creative, or just someone who just needs
some inspiration and need a friend to talk to. I’m your gal.

I’m here to share my experience, to help you get noticed, connect you
with people and help you reach your goals and dreams.

Read on.

Dear Brook Blog’s mission is to Educate, Inspire and Unite Juniors from all over the world and across many disciplines in the Advertising industry.


3 thoughts on “Hola.

  1. It’s nice to virtually meet you! I’m Alex and I run Ampersands and Erasers, driabrown.com, a blog for copywriters. I look forward to the new Dear Brook, as I’m a junior. Good Luck with everything!

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