When it comes to Advertising, learn to UNlearn. (Part 3)

We have been taught that learning is essential to growth. In the creative world, one can say that unlearning is essential to growth. In advertising, breaking the rules would be a form of unlearning.

Better yet, call it discovery.

Here’s my opinion as to what we should be unlearning in advertising.

1- The industry should unlearn from placing people in boxes and not allowing them to evolve. One way or angle is not always the right way to solve a problem.


2- Health vs. Wealth: The idea that you have to overwork and that sometimes means neglecting having a regular workout schedule or regular doctor visits.


3- Putting on a limit on diversification. Honestly, there shouldn’t be a certain quota set when it comes to diversity in talent. Great talent comes in all colors, shapes, and forms.


4- Ego… There’s nothing wrong with being confident. Unfortunately, nobody likes to work with someone who is always pretentious and a self-absorbing addict.


5- Unlearning a habit is healthy and keeps your mind clear. Its almost like pressing the reboot button on your computer.


As this year ends, prepare yourself to “unlearn” or press the reboot button in your life.

Signing out.

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