Dear Andre


I’m a Midwestern guy, who just happens to be a copywriter. I’ve been known to
the following hats; blogger, left brain thinker,
storyteller, techie, and lover of culture
and advertising.

A few years ago, I embarked on my journey of breaking in the ad industry, as a junior interactive copywriter. I’d like to call it creating my own path. Trust me, I’ve still have some growing to do. It’s taken a lot of drive,ambition, and help of some mentors to get to where I am at now. Here’s my way of “paying it forward”. As a contributor of DBB, I plan to give “rib tips” of information and advice that I hope will help you on your creative journey.

Dear Brook:
“Andre” is the very first DBB reader I’ve ever met in person! He’s very charming and well spoken but what stood out the most to me is his positivity and perseverance. He’s always working hard on something and seems like the kind who never gives up. I like that kind of people, because only those who never give up are the ones who reach their dreams.

Join me in welcoming the first copywriter contributor to Dear Brook Blog!


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