Dear Advergirling


Hello Internet. This is Dear Advergirling, I’m anonymous because sometimes I’m a little too opinionated and sassy for my own good. It rarely gets me in trouble, but just in case this is my small safety net. I started the “advergirling” brand when I got my first internship in a major ad agency in Toronto. I wanted to see how I would grow/change while I work in this “scandalous” field. It’s been an interesting ride, but nothing like I thought it would be back when I started in 2009.

The basics: I’m an account person and I hate the rep account people get, but I can also see why it happens. I’m not like the stereotype, and I hope that my previous experience being a “creative” helps me get where my teams are coming from. I’m also apparently the first Canadian contributor to DBB. Fun eh? Okay, I don’t actually say eh.

I had started a blog previously but found it difficult to keep up because I was so busy working. Then posterous decided to shut down or something and well, I just stopped writing all together. Dear Brook reached out to me, and I was super enthused to start writing again. It’s refreshing to be able to write about advertising on my own terms instead of having to live and breathe it every day….and every night sometimes.

So that’s my spiel, hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts.

– Advergirling

Dear Brook:
I started reading Advergirling’s blog back in college. She sounded like someone I wanted to be friends with. What I like the most about her writing style is that she tells it how it is and she cracks me up. So when I was looking for contributors, she’s one of the first people to come to mind. Welcome to DBB Advergirling, we can’t wait to hear your outrageous advertising stories!


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