Are you ready to UNlearn? (Part 2)

You know how they say backbenchers have the worse academic performance but they perform really well in life? All of us know that the A-graders get left behind. This is a generalization but often, those who decide to forget what they learned, merge out the smartest.

While talking to a colleague about everything that was wrong about our industry, it dawned upon us that advertising was more about unlearning than learning.

It’s what you can forget that makes you a happy creative. So, forget and forget often.

Never mind what the Creative Director said. Never mind what they “have always been doing”. If it has worked for them, great. But there are ought to be other ways to solve problems.

When they say learn from other people’s mistakes it actually boils down to unlearning. When the agency favorite word “disruption” is really simplified it has unlearning at the crux of it.

You will meet great leaders and you’ll meet terrible ones. Unlearn from both. Unlearn the mistakes of the great leaders and definitely unlearn the style of the terrible ones.

Don’t be afraid to turn a blind eye to the rules.

When you hear words like “An all Boys Club,” feel free to hear it and then unlearn it. Immediately.

Are you ready to unlearn with me? Please tell me I’m not alone.

Happy unlearning!



Lalita Salgaokar is a Mumbai-bred New Yorker | Copywriter | Bollywood enthusiast | Follow her @nanimeow 


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