5 Things Advertising People Secretly Love (But Won’t Admit)

When it comes to working in advertising, there are many perks that almost anyone would enjoy: complimentary concerts, events, lunches, “business” trips. This job often includes happy hour drinks, a comfortable couch and many rounds of foosball. But amongst all the joys of this profession – there are a few things that most advertising people won’t admit to (but secretly love):

1. Deadlines. The copy that needs to be edited, the print ad that needs client approval by Tuesday or anything due by EOD. Deadlines are often a daily occurrence and clients usually want things done yesterday. They get pushed back and pushed up and we as advertising professionals need to be able to adjust accordingly to get the job done. When you are hit with a tight or last minute deadline, the following emotions will emerge: panic, anger, regret, bargaining and finally acceptance. The truth is, we secretly love the rush to beat the clock. There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when we actually pull off what’s seemingly impossible.


2. Awards. Who doesn’t imagine themselves accepting an award in front of the mirror? I know you’ve all done it. Even though every project is a team effort and what matters most is the quality of the work and not the recognition – an award is icing on the cake. Delicious and sweet.


3. Chaos/craziness. Every single person in an advertising agency knows what I’m talking about here. We are all a bit crazy and secretly crave the chaos. Juggling accounts, meeting deadlines and coming up with brilliant ideas that make clients smile is just part of our day-to-day. You can read more about how we are all a little bit crazy here: http://creativeheartblog.tumblr.com/post/10238821247/creatives-are-a-crazy-bunch


4. ROI. The Return On Investment is the outcome that justifies the means. These are the results from a social media campaign, advertising campaign, etc. that everyone wants to see. Although these numbers can be tough to determine and a little scary to hand over – it can be totally thrilling. Just imagine showing off these kinds of numbers: 1.4 million likes, 2 million views, 500,000 in reach, 55% increase in sales.


5. Clients. There are many types of clients. Those who want to get involved on a campaign and those who don’t. No matter what type of client you are dealing with, they can be downright demanding, pushy or irritating at times. But, you still kind of love them. Not only are they the ones who are ultimately paying your salary but it’s their brands that you fall in love with. When you create a cool concept for a brand or help to establish it in some way – you’re not convincing the world to love it, you’re showing the world all there is to love.



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