You will NOT make it in advertising.

Bet you’ve heard that one before or at least felt that way. If you haven’t, you’re either a genius or not working hard enough.

Here’s the thing, advertising is a DAMN HARD industry to break into. Agencies don’t want you if you don’t have experience, they give you a hard time as a junior and you have to do a lot of free work (unpaid internships anyone?) to even be considered—that, if you’re not privileged or have an uncle in the industry. Yes, some of us have to get in the hard way.

 The thing is, the industry needs us. They might not admit it yet but they do. They need anyone with ideas, especially Millennials.

 You know what happens when Millennials can’t get a job in any industry? They disrupt it. They do their own thing and all of a sudden, they’re wanted by everyone. As a creative, you should be creating at all times, NOT just at ad agencies.

So yes, you will not (easily) make it into advertising, but you can make it in life.

Instead of trying so hard to get in, do your own thing! This is your time to experiment, make mistakes and fail hard. You have nothing to lose… you’re just a kid trying to make it in advertising remember? But maybe in the process, you’ll come up with the next Reddit or Buzzfeed or Grumpy Cat… because it all starts with this question:


So yeah, happy April Fool’s Day. You will NOT make it in advertising, but if you’re passionate about something, just go and do it. You’ll figure it out along the way. If you’re creating something new and putting it out there, you’re doing it right.  So to all those who say you won’t make it in advertising, remember that you’ll find an industry that values your talent and puts it to good use. Meanwhile, just keep creating.



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