Change. Passion. Resilience.

“Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience”

Today I’m here to tell you a story, a story about change, passion and resiliency. For me it was about my work and the impact I wanted to make with it. My name is Alex Garcia and I am currently a Junior Art Director at a small agency in NYC. I have been working here for almost 2 years now and unfortunately I don’t consider the work I’ve produced to be portfolio worthy, which can be frustrating at times. Therefore I decided to redo my entire book from a new perspective, which taught me some pretty amazing things I would like to share with you.

Stay hungry stay foolish


The first part of my story is about change. It is human nature to fall into patterns and habits that can kill your creative spirit. Break these. Switch up your routine and try new things. In the process this will help you clear your head and change the way you feel and think. Ideas come from the world and the experiences it gives you, if you don’t have these you will never be able to push the limits.



My second point of this story is passion. Not having passion about something is like having a car with no gas. You can push the car as much as you want but you wont get far. You need to believe in what you are making, understand it, defend it and defy it at the same time but also learn to look at the big picture. Passion was the thing that kept me going after 10-hour work days (and also my good friend coffee). When that fire inside you is burning you can surprise yourself. So never stop believing in what you can achieve, even when it feels impossible.



And last but not least, resilience. There will be plenty of times where you will want to throw in the towel, but do not hate these moments, embrace them. These challenges will make you question yourself and try to bring you down but they will also test you and show you what you are capable of, show you how much you can change in a small period of time. I know a lot of you out there are trying to make it in this industry, and its never easy, but even at your lowest point you must learn to embrace it all and never lose that hunger. Just like many of you, I want to conquer the world and push every boundary out there, but this doesn’t happen from one day to the other. When you get to that point it ‘s not about what you achieved, its how you got there, the journey is the part you will remember the most. Just never give up. Like Steve Jobs always said, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”


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Alex Garcia,
Guest blogger.


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