My favorite Super Bowl Commercial this year

It’s safe to say that this year, the super bowl was a bit… well, boring.

The game was boring, the ads were good but not “OMG AMAZING GREAT” nope. not this year.

However, there’s one commercial that surprised me in the best way possible; Coca Cola’s America is Beautiful. And of course, Wieden Kennedy was behind that.

This is a very brave commercial, especially coming from a big corporation like Coca Cola. It really tells the story of America and why this country is beautiful. It promotes peace and understanding. To me, that was 100% America.

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m surprised about all the controversy and the haters who are boycotting Coca Cola for using other languages in the commercial.  How can one forget that immigration is the foundation of America and EVERYONE here is an immigrant unless you’re Native American.

But again, I don’t care about the haters, because some people simply don’t get it and that’s okay. To each their opinions.

Watch this gem again.

Do you have any favorites?
(Don’t say the puppy ad, that doesn’t count… have you met anyone who doesn’t like puppies?)


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