New year, new you: resolutions to make life easier

2014. Here it comes. You’ve got a whole new year ahead of you. How are you going to make it your best year yet? Check out these 7 new years resolutions and start this year right.

1. Organize your computer files. Nothing is worse than the feeling you get when your supervisor comes over and asks for “that file” when your desktop looks like this:


2.  Do your timesheets every day. It’ll save you the headache of doing months at a time. Set a reminder on your work calendar for end of day or make your timesheet your browser homepage. You’ll thank yourself. 


3. Get into work 15 minutes early. Take the time to get ready for your day or catch up on any late night emails.


4. Bring your lunch from home. It will save you money! 


5.  Thank the people you work with. A creative person that did an ad for you. Your boss for giving you great advice. A little thanks goes a long way! 

thank you

6. Teamwork is everything. No man is an island. There’s no “I” in team. Many hands make light work. Together we stand. …You get the drift. 


7. Be proactive. Think your job is done? It’s not. Always look for ways to push further than what is expected of you. 


Here’s to making 2014 the best year yet. New year, new you.

❤ Dear Joan

keep it real



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