10 reasons why advertising is always a mad dash

Something that I’ve always hated in school was rushing on a project. It made me anxious it made me stressed and overall I felt that the quality always suffered.

Which is why I sometimes truly question why I work in an industry where working until the last minute is always the norm. I always think we can improve timing where one day it’ll be achievable to do a project where timing is smooth. Its likely that this naïveté is the reason I’m still working in the business.
So as an end of the year I give you the top ten reasons why advertising is always a mad dash:
1. Because client never gets the brief to the agency in time.
2. Because no one wants to make quick decisions
3. In order to be fair we present the illusion of choice and working collaboratively but really there are key decision makers that typically only voice up far too late in the process.
4. Because when an idea is formed it doesn’t come out fully baked. Which means to get it to final execution takes a lot more work than the idea generation phase.
5. Because someone senior made a promise without checking if it was achievable.
6. Because the agency is short staffed.
7. Because people are overworked.
8. Because the brief wasn’t crystal clear.
9. Because someone booked media without work being started.
10. Because we’re all crazy.
Hope you enjoyed this post and wishing all of you some naïveté this holiday season and in the new year.
– advergirling

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