Practice Makes Perfect

No matter how long you’ve been in this business.You need to continue to flex those ideas development and writing muscles. Talent and creativity are precious. Practice is necessary and development takes time. (Did I mention that getting better is the bomb?)

Young Glory 

There’s this genius idea of a competition called named Young Glory. (Yes, I said Young Glory and not Young Guns) It’s great for both students and professionals to practice their craft in both advertising and design. 8 months, 8 briefs, global judges and your work will be reviewed by some of the top creative directors from all over the world. What a great a way to enhance your writing/idea development chops!


Competition and challenge is good for your creative health.  Another reason, I recommend this site is for a fact– it’s hands down, all across the boards, diverse in categories, challenging, and sometimes even futuristic. Briefings are short with a focus on product innovation, cause-related issues, experimental, and things that matter in the world that needs a solution. If you’re an professional, ad student, or graphic designer, taking on Young Glory is a win win situation. Remember to think it through and have fun with it. (It’s just practice, guys!) And it could possibly help you meet a creative director–who may just be your future boss. So, when it comes to adding some depth or diversity to your portfolio; working a Young Glory campaign should help you grow  and walk away with a “Wow, I never thought of it like that” portfolio.


Future Young Lions

Attention all students: Here’s another one for you. You don’t have to be in ad school to enter this competition either. Just a college student or enrolled in college in general. (Student)

Here’s another product innovation- powered competition. Rock this out and show the world how to connect brands in ways never seen before. Win this and you’ll be on your way to receive some awesome perks. A chance to meet top leaders in the global creative community. (Participation in the Cannes International Festival and one of these lil guys)

Hmm!! sounds fair enough of to me. Mark your territory. Give it a try guys!  Shout out to @AKQA.


One Minute Briefs

I discovered this on Twitter @OneMinuteBriefs. Perfect for all you social media savvy creatives.(You just can’t keep your hand off Twitter.) The focus of this competition is simple. You have one minute, one brief, and just create an ad. Simply, look at your Twitter  feed(@OneMinuteBriefs) for the brief.  It really allows you to focus on building concepts versus the quality of how it looks. Talk about fun. Submit it back to @OneMinuteBriefs direct contact ( via email or Twitter). The great guys from OMB will re-post the best entries from the live briefs that caught their attention. Check out their site frequently to see where you’re stand.

Food for thought: Stay passionate, persistent, and producing work. Combine these three together in advertising and life. Let’s call it the “practice” formula.

Dear Andre

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