How to win when things get tough

Okay, so you’ve just got hired and you’re the new star of the show at the agency. You show off your magical powers of wordsmith and headlines to creative directors to get approved. The pressure is on and you’re pumping out the best copy and concepts on this side of the planet. Then, you hit a bump in the road and your best still isn’t enough. So, you go back to the drawing board frustrated and eager to get your amazing ideas chosen.

Well, I just want to say that it’s okay to fail. In the creative arena, making a mistake may lead you in the right direction when it comes to ideation and your craft.

Let me make myself clear. You should not be making the mistake of having common grammatical errors in your copy. (I want to slap myself when I catch them in my own work.)

For example, like using YOUR in a sentence when it should begin with You’re. (which is the same thing as You are) Got it. Okay.


How to win when things get tough.

1. Walk away and come back.
If you’re stuck on coming up with an idea. Don’t keep digging a bigger hole. From my own experience, I’ve developed great concepts and ideas when I wasn’t sitting at a desk. It was when I was doing something completely different, like walking down the street while listening to some dynamic music or riding the train to my next destination.

2. Accept and feed off of feedback.
Always listen to the positive and negative feedback from senior level creatives. Just because one of your best ideas at the moment is killed. You can’t take it personal. Look for the golden bricks that are thrown at you and catch them. Keep it moving.

3. Always be looking for inspiration from life.
Be inspired by the things in life that are irreplaceable. For example, like falling in love or bonding with the outdoors. Change up your regular routine and choose an alternate route to get back home this week. You may discover something that will get your idea bulb glowing again.

4. Never throw away any ideas or set of copy you think that sucks.
Hold on to it. It could be used to inspire you to create something like a personal project, product innovation, a book, or even an album.

5. Don’t beat yourself up.
The worst thing you can ever do is doubt your own judgement or think you’re not good enough. Please promise me that you’ll will kill those thoughts immediately if and when they do come to mind. Take your imaginary shotgun and shoot it down.

In my perspective of things, this is how you win when you think you’re failing. Juniors and all creatives never give up and stay humble.

Dear Andre


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