Portfolio review: Kieran Adams

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It’s Professor Davis. I wanted to say some things about your work but first comment on your initiative. Asking for help is always the start of success. Being humble enough to ask for the opinions of others shows me the extent of your hunger. Kudos.

Now the work. I have two topline comments, one is on the context or the presentation of your work and the other is about the scope of the work itself or the content.

The website has a great concept to it and the video isn’t bad either. It reinforces the hunger aspect I spoke of. It takes guts to say that you’re not talented but a hard worker but it breaks through the clutter and makes a statement. You also have a great handle on presenting the ideas in the video case study format. The visual and verbal aspects work really well together. Nice.

Concept scope:
My only criticism is that the ideas don’t go far enough in terms of being multi-channel or 360. You have the ability to concept, execute in video format and solve problems, now exhaust the possibilities. Show me how these ideas express themselves in multiple media channels and the results (when you have them). I’d be surprised if I was the first person to tell you this. Here’s an example from an Aussie living here in New York, you may have heard of his agency >> Microsoft’s Bing

Keep going and kudos for being hungry.

Prof Davis


Brook here. Like Prof davis said, kudos for asking for feedback, keep doing so, no matter how great you think you are.

Website format: 
I have to say, I LOVE your website. As soon as I opened it, I can start to see your personality come through (which is very important). I love the illustrations (especially if you made them) and I love your “About me” video. I think that video is my favorite thing in your entire portfolio. It pretty much sums up the kind of person you’ll be at work and hard work and passion is what most CDs are looking for in a Junior. Awesome job on that.

The work:
I agree with Prof Davis, your portfolio is lacking campaigns. However, you’re starting to get there with your Young Glory Case studies. Those are good and my favorite is petition air (very smart use of mediums). The other ideas you have in your folio like North Face and birthday post start out well but feel unfinished. I would suggest you expand on them. Think of what else you could do with them to make them into a cohesive campaign. For example, for the birthday post one, what do those letters look like? What’s the experience the user goes through to design their letter? Also, is this a good opportunity to partner with the post office and use their old stamps or something like that? Is it a good opportunity to partner with a recycling company and use recycled paper? I don’t know, but those are things you could start thinking about. Basically show us the entire experience and design it to bring it to life.

This applies to your case studies as well, in addition to the video you can design posters that will live in the city or the airport, you can mockup apps or ads or the social experience. Whatever you need to do to showcase your Design and Art Direction skills.

With that being said, you are in a good place with your folio, and you have some great ideas in there, but you don’t want to settle for good do you? 😉 You want to be the best and with little tweaks here and there you’ll see how your folio will go from good to amazing. Give it a try.

Designer Vs Art director:
Someone told me once that I should always act like the job I want, so when I graduated college, I knew I wanted to become an Art Director so that’s what I called myself. I didn’t apply to designer jobs, I went straight to AD and it worked! I would suggest you do the same. You’re mentioning that you’re a designer and illustrator trying to make a leap to Art Director, I say you already ARE an Art Director. You can design, illustrate, concept, solve briefs and communicate your ideas clearly; you’re an Art Director. I suggest you start calling yourself that or at least a Junior AD if you’re not that comfortable but I definitely think you’re ready. Plus, if you believe in yourself and your abilities, other people will too and you’ll more likely to get an AD job.

Creative Directors in Australia, if I were you, I’d give Kieran a shot. Contact him here.


Creatives, if you’re ballsy enough like Kieran and want one (or all of us) to review your portfolio, contact us, or submit it here. Bring it ON. 


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