Announcement: Dear Brook Blog is growing

Dear readers,

First of, thanks for hangin’ with me for the past 2 years. It’s been real.
I enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you, virtually meeting you through tweets and emails and just being Juniors together.

My goal was always to help and inspire you all and it is my great pleasure to announce that the Dear Brook Blog team is growing. Please help me welcome our 2 newest contributors.

  • Professor Davis is a teacher at the City University of New York, founder The Davis Group LLC and the biggest advocate for Juniors and students. He’ll be here to share his years of knowledge and answer any questions you might have. 
  • “Dear Andre” is a Junior Copywriter and he is the VERY FIRST Dear Brook Blog reader I ever met in person! Andre is very passionate and very driven, he’ll be sharing his journey and adventures with all of you.

That’s not it. Now that the team consist of an Art Director, Copywriter and Teacher/Designer, you’re wondering what’s next? Stay tuned as we’ll be making more announcement soon but for now, welcome Professor Davis and Dear Andre! 



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