My 1st SXSW Experience

2 weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to attend SXSW for the first time—If my boss and agency owners are reading this, from the bottom of my heart thank you, I had an amazing time and I learned so much, I hope I made you proud—Anyway, back to the subject, I went to Austin expecting anything and everything, I basically didn’t know what to expect and was open to it all. There was the usual stuff, the panels, the brands, the parties, the lines (although not as much as I thought), the beer, the tacos, the memes and then…the people.

Reddit Founder

Alexis Ohanian,
Reddit Founder

Grumpy Cat Chilling at the Mashable house while thousands of people are waiting outside, in the rain to see her.

The people is what I want to talk to you about today. Think about when you were a kid and you were dreaming about going to Disney and meeting your favorite characters, riding the coaster and having a magical time. SXSW is Disney. I kid you not. It’s Disney for ad peeps, or at least that how it felt to me. Walking around the streets of Austin was incredible, brands came to life in the form of houses, memes were walking around (yep, I saw grumpy cat), free stuff was everywhere and everyone you talk to is a magical character.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 11.28.11 AM

The concentration of smart people during that week is pretty amazing. The best moments I had were talking to a random person at a party or in line for something and everyone is smart and has something to share. People are so generous with their time and knowledge that you end up learning 100000 things a day. I’m telling you; Disney-freaking-land.

This brings me to my point; the people. I met so many brilliant people that I would probably never meet in any other setting. Those conversations inspired many ideas. Then I thought, I need to find me some if these people in NY.

Bottom line: if you have an idol or someone you really admire, surround yourself by them or at least people like them, chances are, you’ll start thinking like them. I’m telling you, their brilliance is contagious.
Yo brilliant people, if you’re reading this, help a junior out, if you don’t share your knowledge no one would know how awesome you are. Share the love.

As a general rule though, always surround yourself with people smarter than you, if you go to a party, find the smarter person and stick by them, if you think you’re the smartest one in that party, you need to go to a different party my friend.



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