Millennial Problems

I’m sure every single one of you have heard or read something about the Millennial Generation (Anyone born between 1980-1990). As a Millennial myself, I think what the media is saying about us is kinda harsh. They’re calling us names like lazy, entitled, cheap… I mean give me a break, they can’t go around and say that everyone in the Millennial generation is like that. I can point out some cheap and lazy baby boomers and Gen Xers. I think one main Millennial characteristic is uniqueness and individuality, and that’s something the media doesn’t really agree with.

Check this out:


These are actual quotes taken from articles out there. Madison’s Browne Fellowship is an organization based in NYC, it is a community-driven effort that finds innovative ways to engage, connect and inspire. They are celebrating their 2 year anniversary next week and are tackling the Millennial subject by bringing real Millennials to express themselves and dispute what the media is saying. If you happen to be in NYC, you should go and voice your opinion and network while you’re at it. You can RSVP here.581128_457476410984491_1772487521_n

The bottom line is that the media and even previous generations are having a hard time understanding Millennials, which is fair. I don’t think we are the first generation to be misunderstood. But the problem is, they are giving us a bad rep out there and those of us who disagree need to speak up. I’m sure there are lazy and cheap Millennials out there but that doesn’t mean we all are.

What do you guys think about this subject?



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