Gift Ideas for Creative People

Ever wonder what gift would your partner or your creative friend like? Because let’s be honest, creative people are SO picky. They have special needs. They don’t like mainstream stuff, or it has to be so mainstream that it becomes pop culture. Bottom line, I’m here to the rescue. I’ve put together a list of things your creative friends will most likely like. You can thank me later ūüėČ

1- Notebooks.
This is the best gift you can give I tell ya. I own at least 20 notebooks and most of them are empty. Creative people love notebooks, because they always need one handy and they can’t have enough.

Here are some to get you started:
The Walls Notebook


The Action Journal  (I own one and I love it)


2- Toys
Creative peeps are kids at heart. They love toys and they love crowding their desks with them.
Here are some they might like:

Momiji Dolls¬†¬†How cute are these!! They have tons of dolls and they’re all awesome and affordable.


Angry Birds Plush Toys¬†(These are seriously the best thing ever, see how excited I’m getting?)
Hint: pic below was taken from my desk.


3- Spofity Premium Subsription 
All creative people listen to music while working, this is the best gift you can give them. 

4- Sketchbook Project Entry
Have you heard of the sketchbook project? it’s basically a sketchbook that you receive and fill it with any art you want and send it back. They pick one page to put in a book that will live in the Brooklyn Library forever. People from all over participate and you have the freedom to do anything you want on your sketchbook and your art will live forever in the Brooklyn library. How COOL is that!¬†

Register your creative friend here.
Check out some sketchbooks here.



5- A gift that keeps on giving
This is a project I did during Sandy to raise funds to help Hurricane Sandy victims. You can help by buying a cool iPhone Case or a poster. Your creative friend will love it and Sandy victims will be grateful. Win win. 

See the store here.




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