We Survived #Sandy but many NEED your help.

Hi Juniors,

As all of you know, Hurricane Sandy hit hard–real hard. There was loss of power for days, no transportation, no gas, no heat (and it’s freezing) … it was bad. I’m one of the lucky ones who never lost power or water, and while I was (and still am) stuck at home for more than a week, I started thinking about the unlucky ones who need our help but I just can’t get to them. How can I help?

So, 2 of my coworkers in the same situation and myself got together (through email duh!) and brainstormed hybridly on a way to help.

So we came up with a series of Posters, TShirts, iPhone Cases etc and we put them up for sale. All proceeds will go to Sandy Relief Fund and organizations like The Red Cross and NY Food Bank.

We did thins for one reason. We ❤ New York, and we’re so impressed by New Yorkers’ Spirit! Nothing will stop these people, they stick together for better or for worse. Plus, NYC needs you and you need an iPhone Case.


Here’s what I’d love for you guys to do to help us:

1- Check out our store and see what we have to offer. Consider this a Sandy Souvenir that will cost a lot of money one day 😉 

2- Buy a Product or 2. We even got stickers

3- SHARE. SHARE. SHARE. This is the biggest contribution you can do. 

Thank you!!!



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