5 Ways to take advantage of Sandy Frankenstorm

Hello all,

As you all know by now, it looks like a crazy “historic” hurricane is coming our way and by our way I mean the East Coast, aren’t we lucky?


Wherever you are, you know by now that you need to prepare for at least 3 days of staying home while hoping the power doesn’t go out. I know how terrifying the thought of not having your phones and computers are… believe me I’m kinda freaking out myself… I mean how am I supposed to get the news if I can’t access #HurricaneSandy? Someone mentioned the Radio. Well, duh! If my phone is out, I can’t access my apps therefore there’s no radio! In the middle of my freakout sech, I realized that this is a golden opportunity.

Let me explain: We are ALWAYS plugged, whether on the phone, computer or ipad or whatever, we are so connected that we become technology zombies and we don’t function our brains as much as we should, so my advice to you is to use this storm to your favor! Unplug completely and try one of these things to reconnect with you brain and just have fun and pass the time.

1- Read the book you bought a year ago and haven’t read. Everyone has one somewhere in their bookshelf. DO IT!

2- Come up with ideas: This might sound weird, but I really believe that when you can’t use ANYTHING but your brain and imagination, amazing things can happen. Sometimes, when taking a shower or riding the subway and I’m bored, my mind starts wandering to strange places and I start coming up with random ideas that turn out to be genius the next day. Try it and see.

3- Work on your portfolio: Us creatives are ALWAYS working on our potfolios and when we’re not we say we need time to work on them. 3 days stuck at home? Sounds like the perfect opportunity.

4- Clean your apartment: This one is a no brainer, you can actually take as much time as you want going through your summer clothes and organizing your fridge or mopping the floor. I heard that doing an activity like cleaning clears your mind and when you clear your mind, #2 happens.

5- Make Art: I believe than everyone is capable of being an artist. This is a good time to be creative, gather whatever you see around you and use your imagination to make something out of it. You never know, your genuis art idea can make a hit on etsy!

And finally, do all these with style. Get your favorite beverage and your favorite people together and just have fun. Be cautious, prepare but have fun.

Be safe out there!



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