Think Outside The Agency


I went to an awesome Art Directors Club event last night about people who once worked at big agencies, then quit to do their own Start-Up. It was really inspiring and it reminded me that we all have options. 

Ignacio Oreamuno, the Executive Director at ADC is a perfect example. He started as an Art Director at Ogilvy, then left to work on He didn’t know where it was going at the time, but we all know how big and awesome that project got. He is now at the ADC because he once left the agency side and took the leap of faith. 

He said that as Juniors, it takes us so much time and energy to build our portfolios, then try to break in the industry then once we’re finally in, we have to pay our dues and maybe—just maybe—we might make it to the top… It’s good to know you have options. 

We’re all in this because we love the industry and we’re passionate about it but the advice I heard from successful start ups last night is that if you have an idea, don’t wait, make it happen now before someone else does. I’m not saying we should quit, or consider a start up, remember that those guys have successful start ups because they have advertising experience, that experience will help you build your business. What I’m saying is: Keep your doors open and take risks while you’re young.

Inspiring quotes from last night:

“Work is most fulfilling when you’re at the comfortable, exciting edge of not knowing what you’re doing”

“Without risk there is no art” -Carlos Fuentes

” You will never meet an idiot who isn’t having a good time”

Understand your impact on the environment around you. Love that impact as much as the work”

“Everything happens before you’re ready.”





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