Events Events Events!!!

Good morning Juniors,

As the world is back from vacations, you can see a bunch of events, workshops and conferences taking place in the next couple of months. Part of our job as Juniors is to network and meet as many people as possible and what other way to do so than attend these events?

Here are the 3 top things happening and I recommend you should attend. Most of these are cheap or even free for students and recent grads. TAKE ADVANTAGE!

1- Where are all the black people? NYC, October 3rd FREE (By the One Club)
This event is not just about diversity, it’s much more than that. It’s an opportunity for you to get noticed and rub elbows with the industry’s top creatives and recruiters. 

Register now before it’s sold out.

2- IRTS (International Radio and TV Society) Career Workshop. NYC, November 1st & 2nd. FREE
I have been to this workshop 2 years ago and met some incredible people who helped me land my current job in the city. This is more for the media industry but they welcome students and recent grads from all fields! You can always learn something new and you’ll also get to meet tons of recruiters.

Apply Here. The deadline is October 1st. 

3- Advertising Week NYC. October 1-5 $35 for students and recent grads for all events.
Now this one is a no brainer. 1 week, plenty of events, nightly networking parties all for $35.
Maybe you can get a group of friends and make the trip together. Fun times guaranteed! 

Register here.

Go get’em!



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