Back at it

Hello Juniors,

I know I’ve disappeared for a couple of weeks but guess what! I was on vacation. I know I know… sometimes juniors take vacations too.


While I was enjoying days filled with sun and sleep I couldn’t help but think about advertising, work and vacations. 
If you work in the industry you’ll notice that we ad peeps don’t take vacations that often and it reflects on us.

Here’s a list I’ve put together on the benefits of taking vacations. You can use this list to convince your boss that you need those days off.

1- Avoid getting burnt out: When you’re burnt out, you can’t be creative. Your brain doesn’t function properly and sometimes you won’t function physically either. Trust me, been there done that.

2- Coming back refreshed: Taking time off means refueling your mind. Give yourself a break and restore those burnt brain cells of yours. If you overwork them, you might lose them. You don’t want that do ya?

3- Seeing the world: Vacation means travelling, and travelling means that you will see and learn new things that will ultimately make you a better creative. Experience is what makes a creative well rounded, so go out and see the world!

4- Stay nice: I don’t know about you but when I’m tried I become grumpy. One very important rule in the industry is to “Be Nice” then you can’t afford not to. Vacations will keep you a nice person.

5- Keep the passion alive: Being passionate is like having a fire burning inside, if you’re not careful with it, it might turn off. As Juniors, we work our asses off and want to get as much experience as we can, but you’ll know when it’s getting to a point where you’re getting burnt out, that’s your cue to bring out this list to your boss.

Start planning your getaway my friends and if you got any benefits to add to my list? Send them over.  


PS: The picture above is not where I went on vacation… but one can always dream right?


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