HOW to learn new things at your own pace.


When I was in school, I always felt that there was a sea of subjects I’m not learning about. Since I didn’t go to Ad School, my university didn’t have tons of creatives and design courses. I ended up taking extra classes at my local ad school which saved my life!

Did you know that there are online workshops at HOW University? If you know HOW magazine, this is their online learning center. They have tutorials and workshops from Typography to Coding. It really is a great and affordable way for students to learn about subjects that are not available at their schools. It’s also a great resource of Juniors and Pros who have a busy schedule but can squeeze in a couple of hours a week to learn something new.

Douglas, a very talented friend of mine is teaching a course called: Creative Strategy and the Business of Design. It sounds like a well rounded course where you’ll learn everything from Strategy to how to talk to your audience. The best thing about this is, it’s an online course, and you can take it from anywhere in the world. My international readers… I’m talking to you! 

Happy Monday!



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