5 things you should know about Dear Brook.

1- Dear Brook is written by a girl named Mariam. (For now. More contributers to come)

2- Dear Brook was created to Help, Inspire and Unite Juniors in Advertising. Yeaaah!

3- Dear Brook has readers from all over the world; US, UK, Canada, India, Malaysia, UAE, Italy, Romania, Australia… Wow! Shoutout to all of you out there, Dear Brook loves how diverse she is!

4- Dear Brook just got promoted to Art Director, (from Jr AD) BUT, Dear Brook will always be a Junior at heart, always. Because there’s no such thing as “senior” , we’re all Juniors, there’s always something new to learn.

5- Dear Brook is ONE YEAR TODAY!!! Yay! (Hence, the picture)


Happy Birthday to me and Happy Valentine’s day to all my readers! Oh and if you’re reading this, stop by and say hello, I’d like to believe I’m not just talking to myself. 🙂

Thank you for an amazing year and get excited because there’s much more to come! 



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