Favorite Super Bowl Commercials…

… according to Dear Brook.

First, It’s always awesome to watch commercials during the Super Bowl. Sometimes, I wonder if the ads look better than they actually are just because of the hype of the Super Bowl…

Anyways, I had some favorites of course, I like them for different reasons but those reasons happen to be something you’ll find in a Basics of Advertising book.


Why: Entertaining. It’s funny and it’s relevant. Funny wins all I think and then you add LMFAO to the mix and I’m a fan. Well done BBDO.



Why: I love ads that focus on ONE single message. In this case it was the LED headlights. Trust me, not all clients want you to focus on one single message but when they do, magic happens. #solongvampires was awesome too.



Why: Storytelling and of course Clint Eastwood. I swear, when it first aired the whole room got quiet and started applauding when they showed Clint Eastwood. When you get that kind of reaction, I think it’s a winner. Plus it’s done by W+K. Double Win. 



Why: You had me at Speed Dating. Simple as that.


Also, the Half-time show, I know many people didn’t like it, but I did, very much. First, the stage was AWESOME! The production part was incredible. Madonna, at her age did a great job! I thought it was awesome because they combine oldies and newbies which is great. Oh and Cee-Lo all sparkly? How can you not like that! 😀

That’s it. These are my favorite. What are yours?




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