I made it through 1 year in Advertising in NYC!


So today is my 1 year New York Anniversary. Wow!

I want to say that it went by so fast (which it did) but I feel that I got a bunch of stuff done during the year, so I’m ok with that.


I can safely say that 2011 has been THE BEST year of my life. I vividly remember when I flew to NYC with my little resume and modest portfolio with a dream to move here. I had been dreaming about it for like 3 years straight. Every single day I would dream about my life as an Art Director in NYC. I was so passionate (and kinda obsessed) about it, that every time I’d save up some money I would buy a plane ticket to NY and try to meet as many Ad peeps as possible.


Many things happened this year and I’m kinda proud of myself for making it this far and for all the things I learned along the way and sometimes the hard way… but that’s part of the deal. The one thing I’m most proud of is Dear Brook Blog J No, really… This has been a project in my mind for a while and it’s not over yet, there’s so much more things to come.


But the most important thing I learned is that dreams do happen, you have to remember that. If you’re so passionate about something, you’ll achieve it! If you can visualize it, you’ll achieve it. There will definitely be obstacles along the way and sometimes pretty bad ones that will push you to the point of giving up, but don’t you dare give up. That’s just a test to see if you want it THAT bad and if you do, you’ll overcome those obstacles and achieve way more than you ever imagined.


So keep dreaming, keep going and stay passionate!

Oh and Happy NYorkiversary to me!!!!







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