What do Creative Directors want?

Hello fellow Juniors,


Here’s some words of wisdom from some of the best creatives in the industry. If you always wondered what they’re thinking about us and about our book, here’s a discussion that might help clarify things.

I think that CDs are just as confused as we are. I mean, each once is looking for something different. I think the next Ad generation is so different from the previous one, so it can be hard for a CD to find what they’re looking for in a junior because maybe what they’re looking for is not what’s available to them anymore and vice versa. 

Check it out. Or find it here.

However, there’s a common thread that they all agree on, this is a starting point for any Junior or Senior alike, if you got these characteristics alone, you already set yourself apart from many.

This is what they said:

Be passionate:

“I liked the look on their eyes, not the look of their book.”


Be Different: 

“Many student books sometimes look the same.”


Be motivated:

“If you’re super motivated, everything can be taught.”


Go Get ’em! 




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