How to get hired. Faster.


I’m sure you read this headline a million times, and considering you learned that having a tight resume, a great portfolio, a great cover letter… (the list goes on) there’s one thing, one single most important thing that you may have forgotten about: Contacts. That’s right, it’s all about who you know.

Let me draw a little picture for you. You apply to many jobs and wait, then apply some more and wait some more… While your friend from school who knows somebody that knows another somebody gets the job right out of school. They may not be as good as you but their advantage is: the person who hires them knows them hence, they are comfortable around them and they can trust them.

I see this happen over and over. Someone joins an agency, after a couple of months that agency is hiring, they recommend their friends—> then they hire them.

I’m not saying the traditional way doesn’t work, but this business is all about relationships. The more relationships you build, the more people know you, the more likely you’ll get the job of your dreams, Faster.

Here’s what you can do.
1- try to get an internship. They’ll get to know you, they’ll most likely hire you. Even if they don’t, those are contacts you made for life.
2- join organizations: AAF, the art directors club, the one show, the advertising club, the list goes on. There, you’ll meet the most people in the industry.
3- go to ad events! They’re fun. Believe me! In those events, ad people are more relaxed and more likely to talk to you and exchange numbers: that’s when you make your move.
4- follow up with people. If you meet someone, anyone! Email them the next day and say hello and ask them to go have a drink or coffee later on. And keep bugging them from time to time, they will Remember you.
5- the most important one: never burn a bridge. Ever, ever. Be nice to all. Try your best, and try to stay in touch. Believe me, when the agency is hiring you’ll be the first name that pops up. It’s like magic! 😀

Go get ’em Juniors!



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