My favorite Words of Ad Wisdom


Hello Juniors,

Since it’s Monday, and you’re probably trying to not fall asleep in front of your computer or perhaps trying to catch up on projects and meet those deadline… I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite words of wisdom and inspiration to get your week going.

And, I invite you all to share your favorite inspirational quotes and tell me which ones below you like most. Enjoy!

• Be the first one in the office for at least the first two years of your career

• Keep a journal handy at all times, you never know when a good idea will strike.

• Persistency is exhausting but very rewarding

• Just get up you ass and do it

• Take notes

• Do anonymous Acts of Kindness

• Bring 4 ideas to the table instead of 3

• Make more mistakes

• Take risks

• Give a damn

• Dare to be wrong

• Clean your desk

• Learn to present your ideas and speak up

• Get away from the computer

• Take mini vacations

• Don’t complain about what you do

• Exercise

• Be genuine and enthusiastic, you’ll be happier

• Help others below you

• Respect those above you and listen to them

• Pay your dues

• Recognize your strenghts and weaknesses (don’t lie to yourself) 

• Read Dear Brook and ask her questions đŸ˜‰

• Remember this formula:  Work hard + Be nice + Build relationships = Your dream |___________| (Insert here: job, city, position…..)

• Most importantly, HAVE FUN.




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