Brilliant, brilliant.

Now with all the Cannes Lions fever, it’s hard not to be jealous. Like many of you I’m sure, I wish I was there… (snif, snif)

I’ve heard a lot of stories on how people get creative to attend the festival, BUT, there is one group of creatives who took it to a whole different level.



Situation: 7 Creatives from DDB Paris want to go to Cannes Lions Festival.

Problem: They’re broke.

Eureka moment: After a couple of beers.

Solution: They used their most valuable resource, their agency clients.

Result: Autarky Project —> Getting to Cannes without paying a dime PLUS their clients AND DDB are getting great exposure. Win win situation. Now, that’s how great advertising minds think.

Watch and follow them here.


Takeaway: No matter what the situation is, as a creative person, you need to find the way to solve the problem. Anything can be done.

Stay inspired my friends,





One thought on “Brilliant, brilliant.

  1. Thank you Dear Brook. If any of your readers do have the chance to attend the festival. We’ll be there till Sunday the 26th. xx

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