Where are all the diverse people?

Last night, I got the chance to sit about 10 feet away from some of the coolest people in the ad world and have a conversation about diversity in advertising.

This event was part of Creative Week NYC and was organized by Jeff Goodby and Jimmy Smith (Now if you don’t know them and you’re in advertising…hmmm do some research)

Coming from a diverse background, I can totally relate to what minority groups are going through. Been there, done that.

Some of the things that were addressed:

• Discrimination has been going on for a long time and we need to change this behavior starting from the roots

            • If you want to get a CD or an Executive’s attention: B-U-G them!

• If you’ve been in 50+ interviews and still don’t have a job, it might not be because of who you are, maybe it’s your book, maybe you’re not good enough so get back to that sketching pad and show what you got.

• Working hard is the only way you’ll get somewhere. Anywhere.

Now, here’s what I said:

• Our generation is very ambitious and oh so determined. Times might be though right now but sooner or later, we’ll be those CDs and Executives making decisions. Fixing the discrimination in advertising from the roots would be great but it’s not very likely to happen. Change need to start from YOU.

• We can all complain all day long, but that’s not going to change a thing. You want to get noticed? DO SOMETHING.

•You don’t have to be in advertising to express your creativity. By doing something cool, you will keep yourself busy (and out of trouble), you will inspire people, get agencies attention and get that job you want so much.



Also, get out of your bubble. Get out there and meet people, join organizations and get involved. You want to be in advertising? Then live and breathe and learn advertising.

There was one young man in the panel who wants to start his own agency to help his fellow students express their creativity and learn about advertising. So cool.

Now, young man, if you’re reading this please email me, I can’t find your business card…


I invite all of you Juniors to get out there, do something cool and share with the world. If you’re talented, I guarantee you’ll do just fine.

If you have any thoughts, comments, complains, Feel free to join the conversation in Dear Brook Blog,






One thought on “Where are all the diverse people?

  1. great post Brooke. Love this “You want to be in advertising? Then live and breathe and learn advertising.”

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