Do something.

Everyone knows (or should know) by now, that getting your foot in an Ad Agency is almost as hard as getting your foot on the moon. True story.

I’ve been there and I know LOTS of people who are going through it too. There were times when I thought, this is never going to happen, and those were scary times.

You sit there and wait for an agency to reply to your application when you know deep inside that your application got lost before it even got in front of HR.

Then you apply some more to any job opening you find, you bug people to give you interviews, you write an awesome cover letter… and nothing.

You can keep doing this for years and still be waiting to get your foot in an Ad Agency.


Stop. Think. DO SOMETHING.



While you’re waiting around for a job, why don’t you start that project that you always wanted to do? It’s now or never you know…

Being unemployed can be a blessing. You’re so creative and eager and have a lot of time on your hands. Do something good with it. And believe me, the minute you stop obsessing about getting your foot at an Ad Agency, something will come up and you’ll eventually get a job and sit at your cubicle for hours and miss these days.


Here’s a list of thing you can do to get you started:


1-     1- Start a blog! About whatever it is that you’re passionate about.

2-     2 – Volunteer. You’ll meet tons of people and some of them might be in the industry.

3-     3 – Take a trip somewhere random. For inspiration see this The AD-Venture  AND follow their tweets @thead_venture

4-     4 – Take Advertising classes. The fun ones. The ones you get to come up with hundreds of concepts and only 2 of them will survive. That’ll get you ready for the real world AND you’ll meet tons of cool people in the industry.

5-     5 – Get involved with Dear Brook. Helping other Juniors will help you. I’m open to your suggestions!


At first, you might get discouraged but you have to Just Do It. Make your dreams happen because no one is going to do it for you. And don’t wait for the “right time”, do it now!

So don’t be the Junior who’s looking for a job, be the Junior who’s doing something cool.






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