Whatever makes you happy

Last night, I went to see a dance show. I got to see so many talented young dancers from amazing companies; they were all so beautiful and passionate.

In case you don’t know, dance is my other passion. For about 3 years during school, I lived and breathed ballet, it was one of the happiest—and healthiest— times of my life!


Last night reminded me how much I miss to dance, how much I miss to wake up so sore in the morning and how good it feels after a good ballet class.

When you join the advertising world, it will take up a lot of your time, especially as a junior. You will want to work your ass off to impress your boss, you will want to dedicate every single free time you have to learn and get better at your profession. This isn’t bad by any means.

However, you cannot forget about other things you used to do that used to make you so happy and most importantly, keep you sane. 

I LOVE advertising, but dance to me is something I can do without being judge if it’s “on strategy”, “on budget”, “needs changes”, nothing.

I’m sure every one of you has that other something that you love, besides advertising. My advice to you is to not give it up, keep doing what you love, it will only make you a better advertiser.

With that being said, I’m sooo getting back to dance classes and if you don’t hear from me in a couple of days, I’m probably sore all over and recovering.






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