Geeky by Nature


Alright Juniors. There’s so many events coming up. Especially in NYC (sorry for those who don’t live here, I’ll find events in your city soon!)

First, there’s the screening of “The Ad-Venture” tonight, I mentioned it two posts ago. If you’re going, great!

If not, you can catch the live stream here

So there’s no reason to miss it really…


There’s also another great event coming up. It’s called “Geeky by Nature” and it’s taking place at the School of Visual Arts Theater here in NYC on March 31st-April 1st. It’s a design conference with amazing speakers! Check out details here.

Here’s the thing, Dear Brook gets the chance to win a free ticket to the conference if I post their logo (above) on my blog. Cool no? You know what’s even cooler? If I win the ticket I will pass it along to one lucky Junior in NYC.

This is what you need to do. After you finish reading this post, pass it along, Retweet it, and spread the word. The more people see this, the better chance we have of winning the ticket.


Ps: Even if you don’t live nearby, spread the word! You never know, we might mail you a tshirt from the conference or something 

Ps2: Geeky by Nature peeps, if you’re reading this, please consider us for the free ticket. My readers are mostly Juniors and you know…Broke. Thank you!








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