The Ad-Venture


So, last week I came across this site called the Ad-Venture—and of course, I click on anything that had “Ad” in it— only I realized it was made by Juniors FOR Juniors. It’s destiny… I tell you.

The Ad-Venture is about two young creatives, William and Francis who decided to take a trip across the US and visit the top agencies and interview the coolest ad people! The purpose of their trip was to learn about the industry and gather information so they can share it with young graduates (That’s YOU!)

Now the awesome part; they documented the whole trip and put together a movie to show the world. They will have their first screening in NYC this WEDNESDAY! It’s FREE, you get to see the movie, meet and ask William and Francis questions and you’ll even get free beer! If you live in NY, BE THERE. You’re a Junior and you need to support your own kind, plus you’ll have fun!

You can RSVP here

If you don’t live here, then… why don’t you? Move here! NYC rocks. Just kidding. If you unfortunately don’t live here, you can watch a live streaming of the movie, visit their website for more details.

 I personally think what they did is so freaking awesome. It is so inspiring to hear these kind of stories. If you know anyone who did something cool, please share with us!! I’d love to feature them in Dear Brook. Junior Power!






2 thoughts on “The Ad-Venture

  1. There *are* markets outside of NYC you know…
    But this sounds like a ton of fun and I hope they do bring it other places.
    In the meantime a spoiler or two (or even a full review) would be incredible!

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