The ONE, ultimate advice

To sum up, we’ve gone over what to expect in an agency, why advertising is awesome and why it sucks, internships, portfolio schools and what the pros are expecting from us. “sighs!!!” 

Now, here’s ONE final advice from each of the pros. I really hope you guys learned something from the last 2 weeks. If not, then tell me what you wanna hear, I loooove comments, show me some love. Also, there’s much more to come though, this is just the beginning. Keep reading!


1- Your ONE, ultimate advice to Juniors.

ME, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

Don’t take anything personal. This business sucks, the people are mean, horrible, backstabbers. You will definitively meet some amazing low life human beings in your ad years. Trust me. You will get screamed at, blamed for something you didn’t do, involved in horrible situations. You will get ugly memos. You will get in so much trouble and mainly because of other people being an asshole… you won’t believe. But don’t get angry. Just relax and go with the flow. It’s supposed to suck. And it will all end once you walk out the office. The only other thing I would add is simple: if you are testing out advertising to see if this career is for you… do something else. Save yourself.


Joker, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

The most satisfying thing advertising related I’ve ever done is related to our blog. That says a lot for the work that gets wasted at an agency and as long as you have your expectations clear, you won’t hit rock bottom.


I could say never lose your drive, follow your dreams or some sappy crap like that, but seriously, clarify expectations from all sides, and you’ll do more than fine. If your expectations are clear, you won’t hate your job, you’ll know that it isn’t all fun and games and that sometimes, you won’t win battles, even if you know which ones to pick. In regards to an employer, you’ll know what to promise and please, do not confuse this with undersell (NEVER UNDERSELL YOURSELF). Just don’t promise things you can’t deliver. In regards to a significant other, tell them about your crazy hours and be honest (non ad people don’t understand the BS that it is to work in advertising). Regarding client expectations, the closer you are to understanding what they’re expecting, the better your chances to exceed expectations.


Restrictions Apply, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

Be yourself. Have an open mind. Make sure that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life.  


Daniel Charron, Atheist Creative Director who will only worship the Gods of Advertising 

One word: Digital. 


And always wear clean underwear, you’ll never know when you’ll be asked to work late one night. 


Shane Strudwick, One awesome Creative Director

I take my coffee with a little milk and two sugars. Oh, wait. Uh. Fail often.  


Here’s an advice from one of my favorite pros, he’s a copywriter, one of the best.

Strive for a well-calloused ego. Meaning, don’t be sensitive and don’t take things too personal. This is business not art school.


Dear Brook, the Junior.

I can’t say this enough, it’s my fav’ but Have Fun! If you’re not having fun then you might as well go into finance and make some good cash.





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