Pros were Juniors too…

You are a junior, they’ve been there so they’re sharing with you. Laugh. Learn. Make your own mistakes and come back and tell me about them.


1- Your best/funniest junior moment.

ME, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

The only thing I can remember is me leaving a film shoot early because I didn’t know that all creatives need to stay all the day/night in them. I just came in, looked around, found it cool and went home to watch tv. It was a saturday, who would have thought that I actually was needed all day there? I mean… working on a saturday? I was a very dumb copywriter. Now, the scary thing is – that is the only best memory I have.


Joker, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

Two VERY different things. Best, giving a presentation as an intern and being congratulated by a panel of clients. Giving a presentation without reading an index card and having people go “wait a minute, English is his second language?”.


Funniest? In retrospect when I did a headline including the name of the competition. Still feel like a jackass and it’s been almost 10 years.


Restrictions Apply, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

Introducing myself as the Creative Director of the agency during a new client meeting I was asked to sit at. Everyone had a laugh… except the CD.  


Daniel Charron, Atheist Creative Director who will only worship the Gods of Advertising 

Working late one night, I was making out with a girl on the boss’ couch and the next morning, seeing him cleaning off the stains and he’s wondering where they came from. Hilarious! 


Shane Strudwick, One awesome Creative Director

Being told since your idea was part of the pitch that you would have to present it. The worst part was feeling like ‘oh shit, maybe I’m not ready for this’ and the best part was a: not puking on anyone during the pitch and b: we won the account.  


Dear Brook, The Junior who just wants to help and connect with other Juniors

Man, I got tons of them, but that’s a different post 😉





One thought on “Pros were Juniors too…

  1. Impersonating a CD takes guts. Guts that I don’t think I would ever have. Makes for a really funny story though.

    Great memories from everyone. Glad to see you all made it through Juniordom relatively unscathed. Gives me hope.

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