Ahhh The Agency Life…

You, as a student or a Junior in your job are wondering what the agency life is like. You’re dying to get there and join the “community”. You’re always wondering how’s it’s like, how everything works and how people are. Well, wonder no more. Here’s what our Pros say about their day-to-day agency life.


1- What’s the day-to-day agency life like?

ME, from Why Advertising Sucks? (http://adssuck.blogspot.com/) 

It depends on the agency. But I can bet the norm is that people come in late, chat for a while about stupid shit, start to work at 11am, leave for lunch at 12, come back at 2pm, start working at 2:30 and then continue to whine about how much hours they have to work. In advertising, people waste way too much time. Now go back and read question #6. There you go. Oh, if you are working extremely late, wait for the pizza and cigs.

Question 6- What sucks about Advertising?

It is a cycle that never ends. Get brief, get job, develop creative, make changes, develop new creative, make changes, revise logo, presentation, make changes, make changes, presentation part two, revise idiotic things, presentation, approval, production… Get brief… It’s repetitive. Also I’d like to add in no particular order: backstabbing, screaming, huge egos, stupid people, stupid clients, not being with your family, getting divorced because of your work, stupid bosses, stupid CEO’s that DON’T KNOW YOUR NAME, the hours are extremely long. I’d also add: you start to smoke, you start to drink way too much, you sleep less. You worry about stupid shit at 3am in the morning. And it’s all just an ad. A simple, boring ad that someone will just ignore.


Joker, from Why Advertising Sucks? (http://adssuck.blogspot.com/) 

Depends on what stage of your ad job relationship you’re at. If you’re a newbie, you’re in love, you give 110%, you don’t mind revising your headlines and you’re eager to please and show that you have the solutions this company needs.


After you start feeling a little more jaded, the dynamic changes, you build bonds with real ad companions and you have kinship with people through all the struggles you go through. Creative doesn’t get approved, you start figuring out how to compromise, and you insist on presenting good ideas even if at the end, only in the box advertising will sell. Truth be told, that’s not in every agency or every account, but I’d rather give a sad sorry version so that anyone who has anything better, values it with their life.


Restrictions Apply, from Why Advertising Sucks? (http://adssuck.blogspot.com/) 

Like everything in life, it has its ups and downs. In between the mandatory stuff (meetings, office politics, deadlines, etc), you sit and try to do the best work possible.  


Daniel Charron, Atheist Creative Director who will only worship the Gods of Advertising 

Probably similar to what life is like working in a circus. Clowns and freaks surround you. You need to be careful not to step into the manure that someone left there. 


Shane Strudwick, One awesome Creative Director

Different. People who don’t do what we do sometimes don’t get it. We are not creative while sitting at a desk from 9 – 5, at least not all the time. We are creative 24/7. We come up with ideas while playing ping-pong, in the shower, on the drive to work, while we are talking to AE’s, while we’re laying on the couch, while we are drinking beers after work. What your day-to-day should be is absorb everything and anything. Watch TV shows you hate, listen to polka, go to a film that you know you’ll walk out of, talk to people you don’t normally associate with including media and AE’s. Drink a lot of water, even if that water comes in your coffee or beer. Watch ever presentation you can and participate in every one you can. Both with add skills to your future life in this business.


Dear Brook, The Junior who just wants to help and connect with other Juniors

From the little experience I’ve had, I can tell you one thing. Have Fun! Make the best out of your day. Everyday. There will be many times when you will get frustrated, but what for? Remember this well: It’s just advertising. Have fun. Be happy when you’re given the worst project, turn them around. Be nice to everyone, and listen more that talk during your first years. Also, read Dear Brook Blog religiously šŸ˜‰






One thought on “Ahhh The Agency Life…

  1. I can understand not getting paid for overtime, but at least cover for decent healthy food. My creativity can’t survive on cold pizza. Or maybe I’m just being a whining student.

    In any case, I can’t wait for late night concept sessions over music. It’s more depressing to do homework in your room, late and alone.

    What seems the most promising about working in advertising is the socializing within the industry.

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