Love/Hate Affair.

As Juniors, we are hopeful, we dream A LOT. We create this perfect picture of how (and where) our careers are going to start, then we dream about the glamorous life we will have with lots of awards while travelling around the world… Dreaming is good. It keeps you going. But let me tell you something, what I just described will be like 0.01% of your career. Meaning, it will happen for sure, just 0.01% of the time. And since you’re all Juniors, I would divide the 0.01 by like 100… I suck at math so I don’t know how much that is… but it’s very little!

 I asked our Pros about what they like and what they dislike about Advertising. These are people who have been in the industry for a while, so they know what they’re talking about. You’ll become one of them in a couple of years but if you keep reading, at least you’ll know what to expect.


1- What sucks about Advertising? 

ME, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

It is a cycle that never ends. Get brief, get job, develop creative, make changes, develop new creative, make changes, revise logo, presentation, make changes, make changes, presentation part two, revise idiotic things, presentation, approval, production… Get brief… It’s repetitive. Also I’d like to add in no particular order: backstabbing, screaming, huge egos, stupid people, stupid clients, not being with your family, getting divorced because of your work, stupid bosses, stupid CEO’s that DON’T KNOW YOUR NAME, the hours are extremely long. I’d also add: you start to smoke, you start to drink way too much, you sleep less. You worry about stupid shit at 3am in the morning. And it’s all just an ad. A simple, boring ad that someone will just ignore 

Joker, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

A lot. I’ll give the short version and the a little less short version.

Short version: The only time I’ve enjoyed my work in advertising is when it has not been my main source of income.

A little less short version: I worked at 6 agencies, worked late nights, worked holidays, worked weekends, worked, worked and worked some more. Stress levels are a joke, what your pay dwindles down to when you divide your check by hours worked is depressing and there’s a good chance you’ll get to hate what you do for one simple reason: in theory advertising is a fantastic job, in practice, it actually really sucks.

Revisions, client interference, no budgets, creative c&$k blocking, fierce competition, back stabbing, divorce, not feeling healthy, forgetting what the sun looks like, seeing your family grow older in fast forward because you don’t spend time with them, the possibility of some substance dependence (there’s a huge level of alcohol+drug use. Funny thing is that it used to be even worse).

For the full version, go to our blog and read the backlogs.


Restrictions Apply, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

 The clients, because they “ruin” everything; Seeing a lot of great work go nowhere; The self-important attitudes within the agency; How sometimes we take things too seriously; Meetings.  

Daniel Charron, Atheist Creative Director who will only worship the Gods of Advertising 

Questions by Juniors. Just kidding. The fact that it’s not as respected as it once was. Don Draper would lose his job in one day in most agencies today. There was a time where we had the Gods of Advertising. Now it seems the industry has turned “atheist”. Here today, gone tomorrow seems to be the norm now. 


Shane Strudwick, One awesome Creative Director

Ego’s and hacks. People who talk the game and don’t put it on the table. Remember that we as creatives put our testicles on the block every time we present our ideas and then hand the room a bunch of hammers. Unfortunately too many of those people we hand hammers to have the ability to say ‘no’ and no authority to say ‘yes’. As for hacks, they’re everywhere. Get used to it. Politics happen. Don’t get sucked into it. Stand up for your work regardless of who you are presenting to.


 2- What’s awesome about Advertising?

ME, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

The friends, the loud music at 2am, the alcohol, the cold pizza. You meet cool people and they will become your best friends. You go to cool places, you film cool shit. You get to have your toys at your desk. That’s about it.


Joker, from Why Advertising Sucks? ( 

When you are finally allowed to work on a great project with a client who not only gives freedom but is part of a conversation instead of some budget dictatorship. Seeing an ad you are proud of. Writing a headline that actually doesn’t suck. Nailing something from the getgo. Doing something that you see years ahead and still think it’s worthwhile. The challenge. The amount of information you are exposed to. Seriously, I’ve worked in a wide variety of accounts and I’ve been able to learn from cars, mortgage rates and APRs, alcohol, condoms, candy bars, new fast food products, new technological products and that’s just from creative briefs. The liberty we are often allowed to check whatever we want as long as we get the job done is a beautiful thing, and one a lot of people squander on Facebook, online games and videos featuring an x amount of girls with a single solitary cup.


Restrictions Apply, from Why Advertising Sucks?( 

Not having to wear a suit and tie; The friends you make for life; Seeing your skills/talents develop over time; Spending all day with people like you.  


Shane Strudwick, One awesome Creative Director

No two days are ever the same. And you get paid to enjoy your passion. You work with some great people who are extremely talented and you can feed of one another. Your work is art and you can say ‘I made that’.


Daniel Charron, Atheist Creative Director who will only worship the Gods of Advertising 

It’s still a more creative environment than most office settings. 

You can (most of the time) get away with bad behavior here where you would have had your hand slapped in kindergarten. 

Your mom might see your work on a billboard or even better, on TV. It’s still is a sexy career choice.



Dear Brook, The Junior who just wants to help and connect with other Juniors

It’s important to know what to expect as you’re starting your careers. Advertising has a lot of good and bad, the secret is to try your best to find a balance between the two. Pick your battles. Be a nice person. Always have fun because remember, it’s just advertising, we’re not saving lives.





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