If I make mistakes, you shouldn’t…

…but if you do, oh well, it’s not the end of the world.

A couple of my friends pointed out to me yesterday, that I had a couple of typos in my blog entry… OMG!  :O Big deal… 

So, this post is about typos. How important is it to proofread your stuff? It’s very important. You should always proofread you resume, ass, cover letter etc. Have someone take a look at them before sending them.

This is the think, I have spoken to many recruters and hiring managers and some of them are really wierd about these things. Some of them say: “If you mised an “s” here or there, your resume will be automatically trashed”. That’s kinda crazy and somewhat unrealistic. I would say, if you missed an “s”, fix it then move on, it really isn’t the end of the world. There are more important things hiring managers are looking for, if your a good candidate they will probably let that go, but don’t take my word for it. Do profread.

Hey here’s a blog entry by a professional talking about typos, read it, it’s fun:     http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/2006/10/03/you-sent-your-resume-with-a-typo-get… 

Here is an examples of typos that you just can’t make when you start working.


Yeah, try not to do that, you’ll go viral… and not in good way 😀


ps: I left 7 (pretty bad) typos in this post. Find them and you might get a prize 😉 




6 thoughts on “If I make mistakes, you shouldn’t…

  1. A prize?!

    1) “…always proofread you resume…”
    2) “This is the think.”
    3) “recruters”
    4) “wierd”
    5) “if your a good candidate”
    6) “Do profread”
    7) “Here is an examples”

  2. Haha! I knew that was coming. What I can do is tell you how to get a job faster. Email me your info at dearbrookblog@gmail.com and I will mail you one of the best book that prepares juniors for the ad world. It’s called “Pick Me”. Have you read it? It’s great!
    Remember: NOBODY stays unemployed their whole life. It’s gonna happen. Enjoy your job hunting time, because somehow your creativity is at it’s peak! Make good use of it.


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