Get ready.

It’s a busy day in NYC today, but I’m still going to stop by and share some thoughts with you Juniors.

This is a shout out to those preparing for interviews, about to graduate, looking for internships and working on their books. Here are my top 3 advice for you:

1- Do your RESEARCH. Do you realize how easy it is to “Ninja Research” a hiring manager or a CD or a even a whole company? Instead of stalking you ex boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook and Twitter, stalk Ad Professionals instead. You’d be amazed on the amount of info they post out there.

2- NETWORK! And I don’t mean collect enough business cards to make a big piece of art out of them… You need to build relationships. Every couple of weeks, call them, email them, ask to have coffee or a drink with them; I said A drink, don’t go get wasted with what could be your next supervisor. 

3- GEL INVOLVED. I can tell you right now, if you’re sending resumes and waiting for something to happen, you’ll die waiting. Go to events, join Advertising/Marketing/Design organizations. Be on Twitter everyday and know what’s happening, even if you can’t attend. Read blogs, look at awards books, join conversations and express your point of view. Immerse yourself in the industry.


And finally… Have Fun! This is Advertising, you’re not saving lives.





3 thoughts on “Get ready.

  1. I love that you are out there helping out fellow juniors. I used to be one myself. But I think another important tip is to proofread your work. The pieces in your book, your portfolio page or even your blog you direct people to. Please re-read # 3 in your post to get what I mean.

    Good luck!

  2. Hahaha! Gel Involved, that’s interesting…
    You know Dan, being an Art Director and English not being my primary language, sometimes I write things wrong. But no, you’re absolutely right! No excuses!
    The writer in me will pay more attention, and if I mess up, please blame it on the Art Director in me. 😀

    Thanks for the support!

  3. I second Dan. My biggest fear is that I may misspell a word or use improper grammar and have it slip right past me (considering I want to be a copywriter and I come from an art direction dominant program). I re-read all tweets, emails, and comments before posting. I will delete and re-post because of the slightest error. The idea of allowing a mistake become public for the world to see and screen shot is neurotic.

    I call it, technology anxiety. My generation grew up in an age where sayings are shorten, letters are replaced by numbers, and the difference between “you” “your” and “you’re” are ignored.

    As an aspiring copywriter, I have to remain confident that this comment is as well written as it could be.

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