So, advertising huh? Isn’t it the best profession in the world? I mean, what’s not to like? Long hours, weekend work, coffee and pizza diet… It’s the best!

Advertising isn’t for everyone though, I see so many people quit within their first 2 years. I also see a lot of people who not only suck at their jobs but also don’t care about getting better. Those won’t last either. You know why? Because, WE, the new generation of advertising professionals are going to take over! We, the overachievers, the passionate and the -I will never give up- generation are definitely taking over. 

It’s time to start thinking now, why do you want to be in advertising? Unless you’re super excited and passionate about it, unless you’ve read hey Whipple and Ogilvy on advertising at least 3 times then you might want to have a plan b for your career.

For those who are actually crazy enough to choose this career path: Congratulations! You’ve made the right decision, the advertising world may sometime suck, but you’re going to love it! There’s nothing like it. 

Welcome to the magical world of advertising!



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